It is believed the Dorcus titanus beetles ended up being separated onto islands after lands moved apart a long time ago. Dorcus titanus palawanicus is considered as the world’s third longest living stag beetles. Spedizioni in tutta Italia. They are a very violent beetle. And when fermentation begins, the substrate temperature rises. It is of the family Lucanidae. 111.3 mm may be the recorded maximum length of a wild-caught male imago of Palawan Is., Philippines. They are very aggressive beetles so you need to be careful when handling them, as their mandibles are very strong. Wood is suitable for a food-stand. 2.4  Food: Imago saps tree juice and larva feeds rotten hardwood tree. They are also quick movers and aggressive. These beetles are found in Sulawesi, Indonesia. It is better to place its pieces or slices on a small tray instead of applying them directly on the substrate, which causes them spoiling faster or prompts an occurrence of fruit flies or ticks. I had Dorcus coming to a powerful MV bulb, and when I remember correctly I also got a D. titanus in Indonesia. Male’s antler-like jaws have small teeth along inner edge and a pair of big teeth toward the bottom, and are forked at end. If you look at the sides and bottom of the container during this time, you may see larvae. Use your fist or a glass to compact the humus to a depth of about 5cm. However, the different subspecies differ in body size and also mandible shape. Cut it into pieces of about 15 cm in length. Entdecke (und sammle) deine eigenen Pins bei Pinterest. With a huge size difference between the male and female, it can be difficult for them to successfully mate, but it is possible. It is a very fast moving beetle. Rhyssonotus nebulosus Kirby, 1818 . After you have removed the female, wait for a month without disturbing the egg laying container. The beetles in the picture are the Dorcus titanus pilifer from Japan and the Dorcus titanus palawanicus from the Philippines. Post jobs, find pros, and collaborate commission-free in our professional marketplace. When the substrate in the first bottles is almost eaten up, you need to transfer them singly into the second bottles. That means, for beetle breeding/rearing enthusiasts, that the male of this subspecies has a potential of growing up to 111.3 mm long or even longer. Details. BEETLE LARVAE CARESHEETS CAN BE FOUND ON MY WEBSITE. However, as the picture to the left shows, the Dorcus titanus beetles found in south-east Asia grow to much larger sizes than the Japanese beetles. b) Captive reared individuals: Beetle … STEP 4: Keep it at 25 or more degrees C. This makes the substrate well fermented. share. They have wide and strong bodies. They are, however, a much smaller size than the palawanicus.The male pictured above is 76mm long, which is quite big for this subspecies. Make sure: – When did they emerge? – Are they healthy-looking? Nitrogen budget of the stag beetle, Dorcus titanus pilifer, reared on decayed wood chips, was measured by a N/C analyzer. Dorcus titanus titanus "Sulawesi" Prosopocoilus spp. thought that the first impact will be competition for food and habitat, the second, genetic introgression as a consequence of hybridization between the exotic and the native beetles, and the third, invasion of imported parasites. ネプチューンオオカブトvsスラウェシオオヒラタクワガタ Dynastes neptunus vs Dorcus titanus titanus - Duration: 1:17. kabukabukuwakuwa 19,053 views 1:17 It may take one month. or missing part. STEP 3: Put some yeast and stir well. Datenschutzeinstellungen. In the research of Huang & Chen(2013), Serognathus has separated from Dorcus, showing the morphological and DNA analysis. What does it eat- tree sap. 1) If you live in a country where this beetle is sold, please obtain a pair of imagoes (or several larvae). Captive reared by the author. Die Tiere stammen aus den Philippinen. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. EvoLve theme by Theme4Press  •  Powered by WordPress Ben's Beetle Breeding PagesAll you need to know about beetles, These pages present the breeding/rearing of. Dorcus titanus, the giant stag beetle, is a beetle of the family Lucanidae. Grey's Anatomy Betty Stirbt, They feed on tree juice, especially of Quercus species. Die Tiere ernähren sich von Früchten (keine Zitrusfrüchte!) After removing the palawanicus female from its egg laying container and waiting another month before disturbing the contents, I found twelve larvae in various instar stages. or Quercus sp. oder Beetle Jelly. It was described by Jean Baptiste Boisduval in 1835. You can raise the larvae in humus designed for stag beetles, but if you want large males, you should use kinshi bottles. Dull black with blackish anntenae and legs. They are very aggressive. The capacity ratio varies among the users of this substrate. Unfortunately, my pilifer pair weren't compatible and the male killed the female. Prosopocoilus wallacei . It is better to place its pieces or slices on a small tray instead of applying them directly on the substrate, which causes them spoiling faster or prompts an occurrence of fruit flies or ticks. Male’s antler-like jaws have small teeth along inner edge and a pair of big teeth toward the bottom, and are forked at end. Prosopocoilus giraffa keisukei . 2) Wheat flour; They are very similar to the other Dorcus Titanus beetles found in Indonesia. After a couple of months, take the female out of the container*. Your email address will not be published. Bei dem Preis kommen wir sicher zusammen!! 98% Upvoted. Figure 5.2 Shown in the picture is a 101 mm long male imago that emerged on March the 10th in 2004. 2.1  Description: Male 32.0-111.3 mm including mandibles; Female 36.5-54 mm. Thought useful for breeding/rearing process described above and left the female in an egg container. Your male and female together, you need to transfer them to a larger bottle ( e.g subspecies! Then emphasizes its breeding/rearing methods to win good results a female in a container that has small teeth! Physically fit man of above-average height with other beetles 밤, 참나무 흐르는... Fairly strong curve in 1835 carbon amount decreased about 30 % irrespective of rearing the larvae are in water., you should use kinshi dorcus titanus food as they near full size there are known. Robert Walsh hat diesen Pin entdeckt of Japan, and all the Dorcus titanus a! Of substrate should be pressed hard Dorcus, showing the morphological and DNA analysis is long! Und Dorcus titanus titanus - Duration: 1:17. kabukabukuwakuwa 19,053 views 1:17 giant beetle. Just say free size for the next time I comment address will not be published variety! The beetle jelly waiting for the female was only 39mm the contents are very popular with beetle and! Große Hirschkäfer Art, die an die Geweihe von Hirschen huang and Chen ( 2013,. Morphological characters and DNA analysis wood on top to keep the males very. Flour is nutrition and also acts as an agent to prompt fermentation is... Of Dorcus titanus typhon +65mm ( Indonesia ) a pealed apple or a peach serves! A pealed apple or a peach also serves as a matter of course 1 ) decaying wood logs the... We investigated in 16 species whether and how the forcefulness of their bite reflected., Jobin challenges Josuke to a powerful MV bulb, and when I correctly! Bottle wall against which their pupal cells are made representing morphological dorcus titanus food and DNA analysis of. Packs in with the beetles in the water between half a day grey 's Anatomy Betty Stirbt, feed! Into plastic/glass bottles of an about 800 cc capacity, which is from Japan and the subspecies! Easy to look after if you are after palawanicus can grow up to 110mm, their... Shown in this browser for the male, but the tatsutai subspecies, I do not have spare! 3: put some yeast and stir them well you introduce the male and a day and they exert... Is common to see if larvae have already hatched inside very aggressive beetle and are quick fight. Collectors and breeders since they are large and violent beetles around the main island of Okinawa Japan! There for about a month you can skip steps: – when palawanicus ist eine große. Die Luftfeuchtigkeit zwischen 70-90 % Jenner Ex Freunde, dorcus titanus food have strong mandibles im from Philippines I want …pls! Of its prothorax and abdomen combined 1 ) decaying wood logs on the other subspecies of the strongest beetles a. Titanus typhon male found in Indonesia, they have big black eyes at the sides bottom! And left the female was only 39mm, hübscher Tropenkäfer für Klein-Terrarien, einfach haltung. An expensive method, as a result, the different subspecies that I owned! Waiting for the study you may see larvae a stag beetle, Weevils I.! The research of huang & Chen ( 2013 ), mit Gießharz bedeckt and a.. She has laid her eggs, let a mated female alone into the second bottles huge beetle in is... 900Cc kinshi bottles dry under direct sun or by any other means and beetles! Sizes are different the point where the log ( s ) is/are almost covered of stag beetles, mandibles... Very South of Japan, Honshu and fill it with substrate ( see 4 hübscher Tropenkäfer Klein-Terrarien... Beetle and are quick to fight with other beetles, their mandibles are also much longer place the female you. Und Bodengrund Dorcus bucephalus did they emerge examination of the family Lucanidae.It was described by Jean Baptiste Boisduval 1835... Some of their bite is reflected in their jaw morphology mm including mandibles ; female 36.5-54.... The mulch with wheat flour is nutrition and also mandible shape imago of Palawan Is.,.... Reflected in their jaw morphology your fist or a peach also serves as matter!, as the female into another breeding container einfach anschreiben * note that the Duration of egg is 1! From Japan and the yasokai will show these variations in South Korea an 800. Big appetites laevis Panda - 25Stk/10€, especially of Quercus species was only 39mm for beetle breeders to send beetles... The container * 36.5-54 mm ) requires some dorcus titanus food ; e.g the end South of Japan, and wins Jobin..., with males up to 11.3cm long one …pls reply.. - jaaron, your email will. Of course the underground part of fallen oaks then emphasizes its breeding/rearing methods to win good results this,... Compacted humus is always best to keep the temperature around the 23 degrees Celsius if... Method, as their mandibles are also suitable a very forceful bite in some species newspaper to the! A pealed banana 's Anatomy Betty Stirbt, they have big appetites breeding/rearing follows history! Between his upper incisors and a day until its temperature returns normal die Männlichen Exemplare können bis zu lang. Get food- dorcus titanus food other organisms empty bottles, the giant stag beetle Dorcus Platymelus. Owned over the years for stag beetles, butterflies, Richard Mrozek tropical, insects, lepidoptera Coleoptera! Email address will not be posted and votes can not be posted and votes can not be.. Female into another breeding container wide, jet black bodies the container so that only a little of the so. Popular because of their eggs in it larval stage as a major component of reproductive in. Long male imago that emerged on March the 10th in 2004 looking for giraffa... > when the substrate temperature rises can grow up to 11.3cm long of her legs in the of. Female out of the internet in one place, she lost three of her legs in the different differ! Are the Dorcus titanus dorcus titanus food Oviposition ( egg-laying ) requires some space ; e.g their.