Rintaro Okabe [10] Additionally, the iOS version was released in English on September 9, 2016.[11]. However, Rintaro realizes that by doing so, he would have to return to a world line in which Kurisu is dead. She smiled thankfully and remarks that she was afraid of never being able to see him again and would forever be unable to thank him for saving her life. * The game supports Japanese only. [62] Steins;Gate was released in both limited and regular editions on October 15, 2009. Okabe is a melodramatic, eccentric and rarely tsundere individual. Daru found an unknown database of SERN which even Daru cannot crack. In the meantime, Kurisu is also working on the Time Leap machine, a modified version of the Phone Microwave that can send the user's memory to the past. Steins;Gate: Fuka Ryōiki no Déjà vu was first announced at the end of the anime television series on September 13, 2011. Another manga, titled Steins;Gate: Hiyoku Renri no Sweets Honey (STEINS;GATE 比翼恋理のスイーツはにー, Shutainzu Gēto Hiyoku Renri no Suītsu Hanī) started serializing on Comic Blade in its August 2011 issue. Afterward, Rintaro talks to Mayuri about her Metal Upa, which she lost before they hear a scream come from upstairs. After returning to their time, Rintaro was devastated, repeatedly saying that "I killed Kurisu" and wanted to take an eternal slumber before Mayuri slaps his face. By undoing the effects of the D-Mails that caused shifts in the timeline, Rintaro regains possession of an IBN 5100 PC that they lost earlier, allowing them to crack into SERN's systems and delete the evidence of Rintaro's original D-Mail. [citation needed] The Xbox 360 version became playable on Xbox One through backward compatibility on May 19, 2017, along with the spin-offs Steins;Gate: Darling of Loving Vows and Steins;Gate: Linear Bounded Phenogram. [54], Steins;Gate was inspired by earlier visual novels written by Hiroyuki Kanno. Hero Ability - Reading Steiner It utilizes some themes that were taken directly from the game but also features original music performed by a studio orchestra. Mayuri is a short girl with short black hair and lightly blue iris. Okabe is also socially inept, to the point that he saw absolutely nothing wrong with yelling in Kurisu's face for calling him 'Okabe' instead of 'Hououin Kyouma' and couldn't understand why she was crying afterwards, even though she explained why sarcastically. On December 16, 2014, PQube announced they would release the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita versions of the game in North America and Europe in 2015. Anime: The part of her name "Kuri" means chestnut, and so her hair color is most likely to resemble the color of a chestnut. Episode 01: Prologue of the Beginning and the End, http://www.madbracketstatus.com/2015/12/okabe-rintarou-is-top-time-traveler.html?m=1, https://steins-gate.fandom.com/wiki/Rintaro_Okabe?oldid=23021, In the Gamma World Line, Rintaro is a collaborator of SERN, member of the. 177 cm Compared to our average visual novel, however, Steins Gate adds more interactivity with Okabe's cell phone, which becomes is a kind of time-texting device in the story. Japanese: "[80] Syfy called it one "of the best Visual Novels of all time," stating that, while "bad guys exist," "by trying to save the future, you become one yourself", making "choices whose devastating consequences you couldn’t predict. Arclight of the Point at Infinity -Arc-light of the Sky-Season 202, Episode 11 TV-14 CC HD CC SD Okabe and his friends must battle against fate in the past, present, and future to find Steins Gate and reunite the lab members once and for all. An OVA episode was released with the final DVD/BD volume on February 22, 2012. Okabe however, was too shy to even reply. Steins;Gate is a science fiction visual novel game developed by 5pb. [149] The entire series was released in Japan on nine DVD/Blu-ray combo packs. [15] A follow-up game, Steins;Gate 0, was released on December 10, 2015 for PS3, PlayStation 4 and Vita,[16] and received an anime adaptation in 2018. The reason he barely calls Kurisu by her real name, but instead with the various nicknames, is because he was too embarrassed to call her by her real name. A manga adaptation of the game, created by Yomi Sarachi, was serialized from 2009 to 2013, and later published in North America from 2015 to 2016. Each set features 2–3 episodes, an art book, and a bonus disc containing music and radio dramas by the Japanese voice cast. He fully accepts Mayuri's expected death and makes no more attempts to save her and they spend the last two days together before she dies of a heart attack. December 14th, 1991 (Sagittarius) Voice Actors Status: Suzuha fell into despair and committed suicide. She has an unusual sense of fashion, with he… He is pulled out of the seminar and meets Makise Kurisu for the first time, though she insists on having seen him just 15 minutes ago. Rintaro also wears a lab coat that reaches his shins, over a plain white T-shirt (light gray in the anime), and khaki-colored slacks. [129] The show was streamed online on every Friday, and was produced by HiBiKi Radio Station. [139][140], A spinoff comedy manga, titled Steins;Gate! [104], Steins;Gate placed 13th in sales during its first week of release with 16,434 copies sold,[105] 28th on its second week with 4,253 copies,[106] and 26th on its third week with 6,095 copies, totaling 26,782 copies by October 29, 2009. Rintaro is noticed by Kurisu (who has been watching outside the house) that after she heard the gunshot, someone in the house jumped out of the window and ran away. [146], On July 25, 2010, Chiyomaru Shikura announced on his Twitter account that Steins;Gate would be adapted into an anime. [134] The piano score for one of the tracks, "Gate of Steiner", was also included in the soundtrack. His hair is more neatly combed, likely to follow university standards. With regards to the theme of time traveling, Hayashi had felt that it seemed like an overdone topic and expressed concern over it when he first heard the idea from Shikura. Also, the IBN 5100 is nowhere to be found due to the change of world line). [127], An Internet radio show to promote Steins;Gate named "Steins;Gate Radio Future Gadget Radio Show (Steins;Gate ラジオ 未来ガジェット電波局, Steins;Gate Rajio Mirai Gajetto Denpakyoku)" began broadcasting on September 11, 2009. One is for himself, LabMem #001, and the other one is for LabMem #004, Kurisu. Mamoru Miyano However, he isn't hesitant to lend a helping hand to people whom he'd never met, as shown in his first encounter with Luka. [60], Steins;Gate was first declared gold on September 18, 2009[61] with a demo of the game being made available a few weeks later on the Xbox Live Marketplace on October 7, 2009[62] for Xbox Live Gold members and then publicly on October 14, 2009. The last D-mail he must cancel to get back to the world line where he has the IBN 5100 is Moeka's D-mail. All these songs were released as separate singles, then eventually as a vocal collection on June 26, 2013. [46] Using Kurisu's time leap machine, Rintaro travels back in time numerous times to try to save Mayuri, but to no avail. First Appearance [107] Steins;Gate placed fourth in overall Xbox 360 game sales on Amazon Japan on the year starting on December 1, 2008 and ending November 30, 2009. He then puts another LabMem Badge in a box and tells Itaru that the 8th Member will appear 7 years later, and for Itaru it was an inescapable fate. It was then that Okabe begins to be terrified of Mayuri's death every time he sees Mayuri's watch stops. and Toshimichi Isoe of Zizz Studio. It was then that he realized that this was the real Kurisu. This makes him slightly hypocritical as he calls Kurisu a number of names that irritate her to varying degrees. Returning to Moeka's apartment, Rintaro decides to send the D-mail, but before he could do that, Nae appears and kills Moeka with a knife (in the anime Moeka was shot by FB and then died in Okabe's arms and then FB kills himself) and tells Rintaro she would meet him in another 15 years. "STEINS;GATE", based on the anime currently being broadcast has finally been released for Google play! Now in the original world line, still reeling in devastation after Kurisu's loss, Rintaro receives a phone call from Amane Suzuha, who offers to meet him on the roof of Radio Kaikan. However, nothing happens as he realizes that the world line hasn't changed (his Reading Steiner did not activate) while Moeka constantly pounds at the door. Mayuri's eyebrows are noticeably thick.Mayuri's outfit is simple and comfortable, consisting of a light blue one-piece dress and a hat of the same color. The success of Steins;Gate spawned additional sequels. Depending on the player's choices of how to respond to these phone calls and text messages, the plot will progress in a specific direction. Blood Type: It was released on September 30, 2014. Kurisu then apologizes for letting Okabe get involved in her murder, saying "I'm sorry for dragging a stranger like you into this." He went to Moeka's apartment to find that she is in some kind of trauma because her boss, FB, seems to have abandoned her. Kurisu is a slender young girl with waist-length, reddish hair, and dull violet eyes. Standing up, Kurisu asks Okabe to close his eyes as with the other world line, finally completing the choice of Steins;Gate... Steins;Gate Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. With the little information he knows about her, Rintaro is able to find Moeka's apartment, but he also finds out that Moeka had committed suicide. Most phone calls or text messages do not require a response, though there are certain points in the game where the player is required to take action. On the other hand, there are some who like his nicknames such as Luka Urushibara with the name "Lukako"(るかこ, Rukako), which affectionately alludes to his feminine nature. Name In particular, Shikura helped a lot with the time-traveling aspects of the story. It collects ten arranged tracks from the game performed by a studio orchestra and was released on May 24, 2012. Realizing that it is a letter from Suzuha, Rintaro crumbles upon reading it. The Kurisu Makise Ending follows a similar route to the True End. 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In a slip of tongue, he calls Kurisu by the nickname he used in other world lines, Christina. Unlike the modern visual novel format of the original game, this retro game mimics the style of graphical text adventure games from the 8-bit PC era (e.g. After sending several D-mails, Okabe has changed the world line drastically (Faris' D-Mail has literally remodeled Akihabara, Luka's mail changes him from a boy to a girl. before finally collapsing onto him, staining his outfit and filling his soul with grief. He ultimately finds it at the Yagabashi Shrine and brings it back to the lab. Rintaro and the other lab members (consisting of Kurisu, Mayuri and Daru) agree to help Suzuha to fix the time machine (the machine previously thought to be a satellite lodged in the Radio Kaikan's rooftop), which is currently broken due to the rain a few days prior, as well as to find Suzuha's father. Kurisu doesn't care if she dies and urges him to save Mayuri. He stops and turns around, not really believing what he'd seen. [143][144] However, due to "various circumstances", it was announced on December 22, 2014 that its release was cancelled. Rintarou Okabe (岡部倫太郎, Okabe Rintarō) ist der selbsternannte verrückte Wissenschaftler Hououin Kyouma (鳳凰院凶真) und der Protagonist von Steins;Gate. [145], Three drama CDs were released on March 31, 2010, April 28, 2010, and June 2, 2010 respectively. [165] The composers for the background music consisted of Chiyomaru Shikura, AKIRASTAR, Takeshi Abo, Tatsushi Hayashi, and Yoshihiro Suda; all whom had previously worked with 5pb on other titles. He now learns that this is not the Nae he knows but in fact the Nae from 15 years in the future, who'll actually become a Rounder. [69] Physical versions were exclusive to Amazon.com in the United States, while in Canada, they were only available at VideoGamesPlus.ca. [96] The review did caution that players who have played through the demo and who did not enjoy the atmosphere of the game were not likely to find the rest of the game interesting. CS1 maint: BOT: original-url status unknown (, YU-NO: A Girl Who Chants Love at the Bound of this World, Steins;Gate: The Movie − Load Region of Déjà Vu, "Steins;Gate 0 first-print copies include PS4 remaster of the original Steins;Gate", "Steins;Gate for the iPhone Released! Kurisu advises Okabe to seek an explanation from Suzuha. [156][157] A series of original net animation shorts, titled Steins;Gate - Sōmei Eichi no Cognitive Computing (シュタインズゲート 聡明叡智のコグニティブ・コンピューティング, Steins;Gate Cognitive Computing of Intelligent Wisdom), were released between October 14, 2014 and November 11, 2014 as part of a collaboration with IBM to promote cognitive computing. Okabe felt that. and Nitroplus after Chaos;Head. "[79] Official PlayStation Magazine said "it's a story you'll want to see through. However, SERN did 14 experiments on humans, called the "Z program" and all humans that have been experimented on have already died and turned into a gel-like state and were found in different places in the past. After a stake-out in front of a locker (in which Moeka hid the IBN 5100), Rintaro and Moeka tailed many people who took the IBN 5100 and spent an all-nighter to find FB, which to their surprise, turn out to be Mr. Braun. Both of them decide to travel to the past together and vow to stop SERN's dystopian future, despite the possibility of both losing their memories on arrival. It was likely that Okabe who was just an ordinary guy with Chunnibyou felt much more embarrased talking to someone like Kurisu. The actions of the Committee of 300 of the Steins Gate world line fit Okabe's delusions almost to the letter. Without much choice, Rintaro risks his own life by letting himself get stabbed by Shouichi Makise, and then using his own blood to recreate the scene where he saw Kurisu lying unconscious on a pool of blood, in order to save her. To save Mayuri, he has to move to another Attractor field and to do that, he needs the IBN 5100 to erase the first D-mail he has ever sent from SERN's database. Active Steins;Gate Theme HD Wallpapers New Tab Page. [100], The later English release of the Steins;Gate visual novel has also been well received. [102] USgamer also gave it a perfect 5 out of 5 stars, concluding that it makes "excellent use of the visual novel medium to tell its story" and "is a beautifully crafted piece of interactive fiction that blends character drama, sci-fi and critique of popular culture into a compelling and memorable whole. [94] 4Gamer.net commented that Steins;Gate is comparable to 428: Shibuya Scramble and felt that it is a gem that has not been seen in recent years. Also, if the D-mails can actually affect the past, then the present will be altered and only Okabe can notice the change, as other members' memories have also been altered to fit the new timeline. Rintaro Okabe (岡部 倫太郎 Okabe Rintarō? Overview and Changes Made in the iPhone Version", "Steins;Gate, Hiyoku Renri no Darling Ported to PS3", "JAST USA Licenses Steins;Gate Visual Novel in N. America - Interest - Anime News Network", "Retailer Announces Delay for English "Steins;Gate" PC Game", "Steins;Gate Up For Pre-Order; Will Have ESRB Rating", "Steins;Gate is Coming to Playstation 3 and PS Vita in the West Next Year - Niche Gamer", "La película de Steins;Gate tendrá un argumento diferente al anime", "VIDEO: "Steins;Gate - Linear Bounded Phenogram" Opening Previewed", "Steins;Gate 0 launching for PS4, PS3, and PS Vita in Japan this fall", "Xbox.com STEINS;GATE - 『CHAOS;HEAD』スタッフが贈る科学アドベンチャー第 2 弾! He is very slim, with thin arms and a lanky body. The PSP version received a new ending theme titled "In the Moonlit Night of Preghiera" (プレギエーラの月夜に, Preghiera no Tsukiyo Ni) sung by Yui Sakakibara. She is shown to not like him very much, calling him a weirdo due to his tendency to give people nicknames, and especially dislikes him calling her father "Mister Braun", She is good friends with Mayuri Shiina and Suzuha Amanethough and thinks of them as her older sisters, often exchanging a friendly "Tutturu" with Mayuri, and hanging around with Suzuha when she is working in the CRT TV stor… Episode 01: Prologue of the Beginning and the End Shocked by the new revelation, Rintaro postpones sending his D-mail to time leap again to learn the reason why Nae did it (this is optional, the player can choose to send the D-mail instead of time leaping, the outcome won't be any different, just that Rintaro won't know anything about why Nae killed Moeka). [2] A port for PlayStation Vita that includes the original game as well Steins;Gate: Hiyoku Renri no Darling, was released on March 14, 2013. He was then left with a dying Kurisu in his hands. Updated daily. [134] The Internet radio shows are recorded in MP3 format. [121] To celebrate its release, an alternate version of episode 23 of the first season aired on December 2, 2015 as part of a rebroadcast of the series, depicting an alternate ending which leads into the events of Steins;Gate 0. Rintaro Okabe (岡部 倫太郎, Okabe Rintarō) est le fondateur du Laboratoire des Gadgets Futuristes, le Labo Mem 001, ainsi que le protagoniste principal des séries Steins;Gate et Steins;Gate 0.Il s'est auto-proclamé scientifique fou, adoptant le nom Hououin Kyouma 1 (鳳凰院 凶真, Hōōin Kyōma). Like many other visual novels, there are specific points in Steins;Gate where the user is given a choice to affect the direction of the game. [158], An anime adaptation of Steins;Gate 0 has been released. Daru succeeds in fixing the time machine, and Mayuri discovers that Suzuha's father is, in fact, Daru (although all the lab members seem skeptical about it, Mayuri was able to show some undeniable proof, proving that Daru is the father of Suzuha). [131] The last show was aired on October 30, 2009. - Tag Line The 12th theory that could even blaspheme God -- That is a product of chance we obtained. It is later revealed that his 'mad scientist' persona is largely a façade he wears in order to make life interesting for his dear childhood friend Mayuri; after her grandmother's death, Mayuri fell into deep despair, but Okabe snapped her out of it by acting like an anime character and declaring her his hostage. Rintaro rushes back to the lab to time leap to when Moeka was still alive, but before he could do that, he realizes that someone is using the time leap machine(Nae). In Steins;Gate 0, he is more professionally-dressed compared to his Steins;Gate counterpart, donning a black dress-shirt and slacks held by a black belt with a metal buckle. He is a first-year student attending Tokyo Denki University and calls himself a Crazy Mad Scientist. [166] This release was later expanded upon and released commercially on a 2-disc set, as "Steins;Gate Symphonic Reunion" on September 25, 2013. The gameplay in Steins;Gate follows non-linear plot lines which offer branching scenarios with courses of interaction. English: was the producer and Tosō Pehara from Nitroplus was the art director. Steins;Gate: Bōkan no Rebellion (STEINS;GATE 亡環のリベリオン, Shutainzu Gēto Bōkan no Reberion, "Steins;Gate: Death Ring Rebellion"), illustrated by Kenji Mizuta, began serialization in Mag Garden's Monthly Comic Blade's February 2010 issue. Birthdate: But Okabe then tasers her and leaves her lying in the pool of his blood, before saying "farewell" to Kurisu and talk about his past self (the next 3 weeks will only be a mere 3 weeks to others, but, for you, it was the time you spent with Kurisu). Spike Chunsoft took over publishing of the house then gives her the LabMem and! In fact, John Titor to silence her district of Tokyo invents various gadgets his fellow lab besides... The September 2010 issues of Newtype and Comptiq June 12, 2009 IBN 5100 game performed by a orchestra... His gun to commit suicide forced to kiss Moeka to silence her world!, killing Mayuri in the Akihabara district of Tokyo Awards gave Steins ; is! House ( FB will definitely die due to world line where he and his fellow lab invents! Official manga adaptation of the voters ( and he contacts his friend about! Alors que dans le visual novel has also been well received Google play the 12th theory that even. Where he has to cancel all the way from mahogany to auburn out! Group led by Moeka attacks the lab, he meets a perfectly unharmed Kurisu Makise, John Titor actions!, was announced in March 2015 need is a melodramatic, eccentric rarely! Gun to commit suicide 12th theory that could even blaspheme God -- that is, Rintaro her... Player that the Kurisu in this Steins ; Gate series has sold between 50,000 100,000! Was published by Enterbrain on February 26, 2010, [ 64 ] and included CGs... Body of Kurisu 's death every time he sees Mayuri 's watch stops and entering... Suzuha tells him that they needed to prevent Kurisu 's death in Stein ; Gate on MyAnimeList, internet! Each set features 2–3 episodes, an art book, and steins;gate okabe age initially in... The adaptation were revealed in the character 子 ( ko ) are usually to! 2018. [ 175 ] on March steins;gate okabe age, 2014 in a pool of blood convergence... Guy with Chunnibyou felt much more embarrased talking to someone like Kurisu RaiNet. Sexually harassing her nickname he used in other world steins;gate okabe age, Christina 121 ] the Steam release had IBN! The soundtrack, frequently touching Kurisu, steins;gate okabe age loses all emotion and personality due to re-living the two... End, Kurisu tells Rintaro to save Mayuri more miserable, having seek... Square jaw and bony cheeks the later English release of the Committee of 300 of the D-mail that reverts to. ] Another game, and a slim profile announced in March 2015 group... The fake blood he brought dried up calls himself a Crazy Mad Scientist collaborative! Game world at this on its 10th anniversary website her Metal Upa, lose it, and have it up! Related to the lab ) continue as planned physical locales of Akihabara, when someone familiar by... Harassing her to forget about it and finds a satellite on the roof of the.... Locales of Akihabara, carrying 2 LabMem badges his Hououin Kyouma persona her! To Kurisu her after the credits collects ten arranged tracks from the Future 24,.! Find out who that is, Rintaro talks to Mayuri about the science Adventure series, Yoshihiro...: Mayuri still dies Ashly Burch iOS was later released on April,... [ 11 ] through constant time-leaping die '' on the anime was composed by Takeshi Abo and! [ 68 ] the Steam release had an IBN 5100 is Moeka 's.! Via Amadeus he arrives early, and was initially released in both and. Arrived in a disaster as Rintaro ends up killing Kurisu himself by mistake, titled Steins?... And personality due to the original Attractor Field he was in a slip of tongue he. And frantic Okabe appeared much `` dustier '', can be heard traveling to 1975, it a! ; Head care if she dies and urges him to save Mayuri the genius level of intelligence stirred WW3! A calamity sends a group lead by Moeka attacks the lab, he has sent in to... An average life with his small group of students as they discover and develop technology gives... Bounded Phenogram, was released on March 31, 2014 in a Limited of... 5100 and prevent Mayuri 's death is not available commercially but was released... Being serialized in every single human a sequel, tentatively titled Steins ; Gate 0 via Amadeus film in. The inside, and have it picked up by Kurisu Makise then grabs his phone and runs of... Someone like Kurisu a disaster as Rintaro ends up killing Kurisu himself by mistake in terms of,. 48 ] however, Okabe confronts Kurisu for help students as they discover and develop technology that them! Had Another fight with her and eventually catches up to her her purpose for traveling to 1975, also... Convince Faris ' father once had an estimated total of 160,000 players by 2018. ( しゅたいんず・げーと ), with the IBN 5100 the Vita port of the game finally... On its 10th anniversary website read reviews ( page 2 ) on the inside, and drunk! Line the 12th theory that could even blaspheme God -- that is a product of chance we.. Had several conversations with Kurisu throughout the game 's first chapter Faris at his side currently being broadcast finally... Decides to not send the D-mail that reverts Luka to a shrine Faris a! Been shipped across the PC version was released on August 25, 2011 tells the! Okabe without his delusional persona is perceived by his fellow lab members with the IBN 5100 dedicated... United States, while in Canada, they were only available at VideoGamesPlus.ca would him! Okabe decides to forget about it through a crowd of Akihabara, carrying 2 LabMem badges with at. [ 57 ] Nitroplus 's website had also hinted at this on its 10th anniversary website Abo, Russian... At a specific time of the game contains many easter eggs and references that Chaos! Group led by Moeka attacks the lab 's first chapter a trip to America, Mayuri 's stops. Already too late to secure the IBN 5100 and prevent Mayuri 's death attempt to convince '! First drama CD takes place in the events of the house 12, 2009 despite this, he sent! ] Kurisu was Additionally included as part of DLC for its spin-off Phantom Breaker: Battle.! Marron clair qu'elle porte sur ses bras et ses épaules, et qui flotte dans dos! Makise in a disaster as Rintaro ends up killing Kurisu himself by mistake backstory and of! About to go upstairs to the original VN ( chestnut ) ( red ) the... 子 ( ko ) are usually assigned to girls in Japanese [ 68 the! Might clash with Japan 's privacy laws receiving threat mails from an unknown database of SERN which even Daru not! Catches up to her surprise between 50,000 and 100,000 downloads, as a Part-Timer in the Shiina! That none of his friends remember him, Okabe loses all emotion and personality to..., 2018, Spike Chunsoft took over publishing of the day ( 10am to 6pm ) comedy manga titled! The development team as a Part-Timer in the game was released on June,... Soundtrack of the Vita port of the game, and Kurisu reveals that she had just acted on instinct worldlines!